No sooner than 10 minutes after we fired off a polite but firm email to Michael Savage's syndicator about his show being pre-empted in the final hour with a re-run, we heard back.

One of the national reps for the show called me here at Newstalk870, and said there were some serious mis-steps.  WABC in New York had apparently arranged for two local political pundits to offer commentary on the Trump-Clinton debate, because it was held close by.  However, they failed to notify Savage prior to the start of his show. far as hour three (8-9pm Pacific) we were told technical issues necessitated a re-run.

The Westwood One officials said they were buried with thousands of angry emails and phone calls, not just from WABC listeners, but across the country. According to Westwood One, and this does make sense, the WABC issue was a 'local' New York decision that appears to have backfired badly.

While not throwing WABC under the bus, Westwood One politely said it's not a move they would have made, pre-empting one of the most powerful and popular talk shows in the nation for two local guys talking about the debate.

So, Tuesday night at 6pm, no doubt Savage will have something to say to followup about the bru-haha!


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