Some 'Hawk fans are calling recent Seattle petitions 'embarrassing,' now saying they want a ban on fan petitions.

At first glance, it appears to be from The Department of Redundancy Department. But some Seattle fans are now saying they should not be allowed to make any more petitions because they're actually embarrassing the core fan base.

You may recall it all began last fall when a petition was circulating on social media and elsewhere, asking for Fox Sports Commentators Troy Aikman and Joe Buck to not be allowed to work any Seahawk broadcasts when it was a large national game. We actually agree with that one, when they're doing a Green Bay game, I mute Captain Obvious (Buck) and Eeeore the Donkey (Aikman).

Some Hawk fans felt Buck and Aikman were biased against Seattle, hence the ban petition.

In the wake of the Panthers victory of Seattle in the NFC Divisional round, another such petition was being circulated after allegations Carolina Quarterback Cam Newton allegedly tore down a "12" banner in the Panther's stadium and threw it on the ground.

TV replays, if watched carefully, actually showed fans tore it down, and handed it to Newton. But nonetheless, another petition was started hoping to 'ban' Newton from Century Link Field.

But NOW, a large group of long-time Hawk fans are asking for a ban on such petitions, saying it's embarrassing them to the rest of the NFL community.

According to NW Cable News:

"...That was enough for Dean S. of Seattle, who posted a petition on Tuesday pleading for Seahawks fans to stop it.

“Fellow Seahawks fans, the letters you write chastising Cam Newton for tearing down a 12 flag in his home stadium and petitions you start trying to ban him from The C-link are making all of us look like pathetic, whiny (expletive). It only takes one or two of these stupid stunts to embarrass millions of 12s and make the rest of the country think we're a bunch of crybaby sore losers."

 Regardless of the team, sport, or fan base, Dean is absolutely right. We may not always like the behavior of others, but take the high road, and stop whining about every perceived injustice. Pretty soon, people are going to stop listening to you, and regard you as a whiner every time somebody nudges your feelings. Dean's ideas should be photocopied and distributed to sports fans EVERYWHERE, regardless of the sport.

Dean, good job!


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