The reasons range from anger, distraction, drowsiness, even alcohol, and frustration over the game.

And it's not just in Seattle. According to another study just released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, released in part by PEMCO Insurance, it happens in all 32 NFL cities.

The Institute says the number of auto accidents in NFL cities where the home team has just lost are noticeably higher than when they win.

The study says after tracking the number of accident claims filed immediately following the conclusion of NFL games, and even up to two days afterwards, has shown the number of wrecks goes up nearly 10 percent!

That compares to the accident rate when the team WINS, which goes up about 3.2 percent. Much of that is attributed to traffic jams and the typical issues of trying to get out of the stadium area.  Have you ever tried to get out of Safeco Field parking after a Mariner's game when there's a Sounders game getting ready to start?  We have...once! The next time we stayed outside of town and took the light rail.

Officials with the institute say the reasons likely for more wrecks are anger, frustration and distraction over the loss, which detracts from paying attention to the road. It also can cause drivers to take more chances. Other factors include drowsiness-especially for those facing a long commute, and yes, alcohol.

Booze is a higher factor in crashes after losses, because some fans drink more heavily if the team isn't performing well on the field.  Well, we kinda knew that already.

So, despite the team's performance, make sure whoever is driving away from the stadium is prepared to be careful!



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