A Seattle woman got quite a jolt when she went to withdraw money from a Bank of America ATM machine in Seattle on Monday.

According to KOMO-TV news, Darcy Fox stopped at a location to withdraw some cash. When the money came out, $300, she noticed one of the $20 bills was badly wrinkled, slightly torn and worn.

After closely examining it, she noticed it was obviously a fake. The face of Andrew Jackson on the bill was misshapen, and the money said "motion picture use only."  It was obviously the same money used in movies, fake prop money.

Fox immediately went inside to the bank branch, and told workers what had happened. Officials gave her a real $20 in it's place, but she was obviously unhappy, saying the "bank industry is supposed to be trustworthy," according to KOMO.

Bank of America officials did not elaborate for what they said were security reasons, but said there are safeguards to prevent such incidents from happening.

My wife has worked in the banking industry for over 22 years, and Bank of A might want to check with their money supplier, the folks who bring them their cash.  It's likely the bill slipped through their security checks, and ended up in the ATM.  However, considering how often banks count their vaults and tills, it's obvious somebody wasn't paying attention.  Here is a picture of the phony bill, as posted on Twitter by KOMO News Reporter Gabe Cohen.

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