After Mayor Ed Murray said earlier this week he would not be resigning, one City Council member hinted it might be time to consider a "transition in executive leadership," meaning forcing out the Mayor who's facing sex abuse charges.

Seattle City Council member M. Lorena Gonzalez said the city is facing an unprecedented situation, with the Mayor being accused of sexual abuse of several teens back in the 1980's. Calls for his resignation have increased after Oregon CPS documents show case workers believed he abused his foster son in 1984 and earlier, according to the Seattle Times.

Murray said he would not resign, although he's not seeking re-election. He said "I continue to believe such a course of action would not be in the city's best interest."

Councilwoman Gonzalez said if Murray won't resign, the council should convene, no later than July 24, to consider that executive transition. Some council members say impeachment only applies to dereliction or failure to execute duties of mayor and doesn't include these allegations. Others however, say the impact of the accusations and pending litigation in court is too big to ignore. They say it was big enough to convince Murray not to seek re-election.


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