The Washington Traffic Safety Commission is conducting another round of Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over emphasis patrols, in our area they will happen between August 18 through Labor Day. But all too often we don't realize the damage done by intoxicated motorists. So, here comes the most hard-hitting anti DUI campaign ever staged in Washington state.

Julie Furlong of the WTSC has released, with the victim's permission, a series of shocking images, a young man who was able to bravely battle for his life and survival after being hit by a drunk driver. His name is Jack Fletcher. His remarkable, shocking, and at times, sad story has been reviewed by The Olympian Newspaper.

In 2015, the Battle Ground WA teen was struck head on by a drunk driver. Despite severe physical and brain trauma, he was able to fight through and survive, and is now training to become a fireman. He nearly died in the accident. WTSC officials have released his story in an effort to reinforce why people should NOT drink and drive. Some of the images are graphic, and shocking, but that's the point!   If you drink and drive, this is what you could do to someone else.

All area law enforcement officers will be part of the upcoming Driver Sober patrols in our area.

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