Friday, the sports world was rocked by the arrest of noted UFC champ and all-round outspoken fighter Conor McGregor .

Apparently, McGregor had some sort of issue with some other UFC fighters and people and after an event at the Barclay's Center in New York City, he picked up a dolly and threw it through the window of a small shuttle bus. The glass reportedly caused lacerations to one of the fighters, Michael Chiesa.  According to reports, including TMZ, the fighters and other UFC Fighters were at the center doing pre publicity before UFC 223, when McGregor became angry and threw the dolly.

UFC Head Dana White says Chiesa was "cut to pieces" and required hospitalization, as did reportedly two other people.

McGregor has surrendered to authorities, initial reports indicate he could be facing at least one felony charge. White says the attack was not 'staged' and was probably the dumbest thing McGregor could have ever done. There are rampant rumors White will fire McGregor over this incident.

TMZ was able to get a copy of the video of the attack, clearly showing McGregor picking up the dolly and throwing it through the window, so, as the New York tabloids are saying, he's got no defense. Busted on video. (Video courtesy of TMZ).

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