We've had cats, we like cats (maybe not as much as dogs) but they're great pets!  But aroma therapy?

Before we get angry emails, calls, or letters, just read on.    Was strolling through Wal-Mart the other night (actually following Momma and the kids) and this caught my eye in the pet section.  We were busy buying doggie treats for Minnie, our adult Jack Russel Terrier, and Maggie, our new Chihuaua-Min Pin mix.   The Adams Company offers what is called Comfort Zone,  a plug-in  air freshener type of device that apparently emits pheremone-like aromas that trick your cat into feeling "better" about their surroundings!

There is, according to the website, scientific evidence to suggest that cats who misbehave by shredding curtains,  marking furniture and other actions, are upset because they don't feel "ok" about your home.  They are afraid, upset, nervous etc, and these "pheremones" will settle them down by creating a safe, comfortable envoirnment.

We're all in favor of a happy pet, but think about it:  aromatherapy for cats?  What's next ?  You come home and the cat is propped up on the couch,  sipping a glass of wine, with a bag of cat treats on it's stomach!

Hey, if that's not enough,  worried about how "messy" your cat looks?  Try the new Hart brand sensitive-care facial cleansing wipes for cats.   I thought that's what all that licking and grooming was for!