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Like many of us now, gas station loyalty has flown out the window, in pursuit of whoever has the cheapest gas.

    Online site reporting a location at $4.10-4.19? For real?

GasBuddy is a website and mobile app used by thousands of people to compare gas prices. I use it as well.  Most of the time, it's pretty spot-on.

However, in the last few days, I've noticed some prices that don't appear to be from our world.  According to the site (online and mobile app) there is a location in Kennewick that has regular unleaded gas for $4.10 per gallon and another for $4.19.  but before you race over there, we did some examining.


Gas Buddy gas prices Kennewick (
Gas Buddy gas prices Kennewick (

The Metro Mart on East Columbia Drive in Kennewick showed the price of $4.10. However, Map Quest, as part of its directions, gave a gas price update of $4.93 which sounds more in line what the market. A call to the listed phone number came back disconnected or no longer in service.

We saw another listing at Steptoe Exxon Circle K at $4.19 for regular unleaded. However, when we called to verify, we were told by a worker they are not allowed to reveal gas prices. We understand that a number of businesses often will not price compare.

We also saw a listing for a location at $4.55 for Mobile on Columbia Drive, but call to them came with an answering machine.

  This happened a few weeks ago

GasBuddy price reports depend upon member updates or even owner updates, the prices we shared here were all allegedly reported within the last 24 hours.

A number of days ago, when the big $,50-$.60 cent price jumps began, we saw similar prices. But when we went by the actual stations, we saw prices closer to $4.90 to $4.99 per gallon instead of $4.10-$4.20.

    So, this leads me to suspect, is somebody deliberately messing with prices by misreporting them? 

I saw a price listed at $4.10 over a week ago, but when I drove by the location, it was $4.89.  GasBuddy is dependent upon these reports, it's not their fault necessarily.

When you look at GasBuddy, you can see who the updating party was, and approximately how long ago. Makes me wonder if some of these people are trying to play a prank by posting unrealistic and inaccurate prices? Hmmmm.

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