Wapato Police and Yakima County Sheriffs continue to investigate the disturbing discovery of a headless baby goat found in the street right in front of the mayor's home March 8.

Dora Alverez-Roa, who took over the Mayor position about a year ago, has previous experience on the School Board and City Council. She replaced Juan Orozco, who became the City Administrator. The move sparked a lot of controversy in a city that's seen its share of governmental upheaval and bickering.

The City is in the process of trying to locate some $300,000 that's gone missing from reportedly shoddy accounting practices, and in November 2017, there was an investigation into a number of fraudulent voter registration cards used in elections.

Alvarez-Roa said she was taking her granddaughter to school that day when she found the decapitated animal lying in the street. She believes it's the latest in an effort to intimidate her.  She said she's seen people taking pictures of her home and family, and several times drivers have been 'screeching' their tires in front of her home.

The incident was reported to police, they are considering it an act of intimidation but do not have enough information to classify it as a crime....yet.

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