According to information released by Jason Rantz of AM 770 KTTH Radio Seattle, the Washington State Patrol could be heading for a staffing crisis come October 19th.

Going into the Labor Day Weekend, Rantz released information, backed up by some emails obtained from the WSP, showing that basically, staffers in the agency will not have any of their religious exemptions granted over being forced to get vaccinated.

Rantz reported at that according to a "high-level" email from the WSP:

“there is no accommodation that can be provided for the religious exemption requests.”

Rantz had previously released information, backed up by emails, showing Gov. Inslee and the state (working with AG Bob Ferguson) had attempted to make the religious exemption to vaccines as "narrow" as possible.

Now, Rantz is reporting the WSP could be heading for a staffing crisis.

Rantz was able to obtain results of an August internal WSP poll asking workers, specifically troopers who work the highways and roads if they would risk being terminated for not taking one of the vaccines. The results, according to Rantz, were that some 295 responded by saying yes they would.

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449 troopers said they disagreed with the mandate, only 19 supported it. Another email sent out late last week by the trooper's association, said Rantz, showed concerns about what the WSP would look like with staffing losses estimated to be anywhere from 20 to 35 percent?

A trooper who was a guest on Rantz's afternoon show on KTTH told him on the air recently the WSP has around 800 who work the roads and hinted as many as a quarter of those could end up leaving over the mandate, especially if exemptions are not allowed.

We will see what happens as we get closer to October 18.

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