She arrived in Spokane from Afghanistan as a married teenager. She soon had a child, then another. When a nurse determined the 24-year-old mother was afraid of her husband earlier this year she offered police intervention. But Arezu Kashify said her husband would kill her. This week police found Arezu's body in the bottom of a freezer.

When her husband Wahid Kashify dropped their two children off at a friend's house and didn't pick them up two weeks ago authorities began investigating. Arezu's mother, who spoke with her daily, hadn't heard from her daughter in several days. Then Wahid's business partner said he'd received an email saying he was quitting the business. Upon further inquiry, police found Wahid had withdrawn $50,000 and bought a one-way ticket out of the country.

Arezu had been complaining of how controlling her husband was, and flirtatious to other women. One witness said she had obtained legal documents for separation or divorce, but could not afford to file them.

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