According to sources Chapter 12 was filed in March, and the chain was going to close 140 stores and two distribution centers. That has been done already. However, now some apparently erroneous reports are making the rounds in the news world.

Word came out Monday from Forbes that the 450 stores would be liquidated. HOWEVER, information from local officials, including the day manager at the Kennewick store, indicated some different information.

An effort to reorganize has been shelved, and the company will pursue a sale instead, according to some published reports.  However, the store official in Kennewick we spoke with said over 140 have already been shuttered, BUT the other 345 are going to remain open.

Forbes Magazine had reported most of the 450 outlets would be liquidated. But that does not appear to be the case. Based upon the information we received, many of these reports are apparently in error. Forbes had said the 450 would likely be closed, and the assets liquidated. But, as the Kennewick store official said, Forbes has now backed away from that story.

So, for now, the Kennewick location will apparently be intact.

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