Although state officials say they have no indication the data ever "left" the state's healthcare system, two employees were fired over 'exchanging' data between two computers, in violation of HIPPA laws.

According to Washington State Health Care Authority (WSHCA-Obamacare) officials, some 91,000 Apple Health Client ID numbers and some Apple Medicaid patients had their information "mishandled" by two employees. The two worked at completely separate state agencies, and therefore were NOT supposed to be sharing any confidential data or information.

Officials say the two illegally exchanged client information between them and their computer systems, which is in clear violation of HIPPA Laws. Such transfers are considered a data breach, even beyond the privacy laws, because the information had the potential to be shared or sent outside of the state system.

It would be similar to someone at their job exchanging "classified, for your eyes only" information meant only for their computer with somebody else, including electronic transfer.

The breach was discovered during a whistleblower investigation of misuse of state resources. Officials consider it a breach because they cannot guarantee the information stayed only within the state's data systems.

The two workers were fired, and all 91,000 affected clients were offered free identity theft protection and monitoring services for one year.

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