It's an amendment to House Bill 2595, which is part of the state's auto voter registration plan. When you get a license, you automatically are registered to vote.  Gov. Inslee has vowed to fight Federal immigration enforcement efforts, and he said the Department of Motor Vehicles would not be allowed to share any citizen-registration data with the Feds.

The State House put an official stamp on it, with an amendment to House bill 2595. It reads in part:

"Prohibits the Department of Licensing from sharing with federal or state agencies data files used to certify voters under the AVR process."

It passed the State House by a voice vote Monday. So if ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) wants to check license rolls to see if citizens are legal or not, they won't be allowed access to data. This comes on the heels of news recently that the DMV was honoring Federal information requests to 'check up' on the status of licensed drivers.

It means the Feds will not be able to see what forms of ID were used to get the license, if it was done legally, or any other data. Law enforcement officials have been saying for years numerous licenses are obtained using stolen or fraudulent ID, including stolen or made-up Social Security numbers.

Gov. Inslee claims the state will still cooperate with Federal officials if the person or people they are seeking who are here illegally have a warrant for their arrest.

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