Oregon's state of emergency to end April 1st (townsquare media)
Oregon's state of emergency to end April 1st (townsquare media)

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has issued a statement saying the state of emergency will end April 1st...how appropriate.

Oregon will also ditch masks 2 days before WA

The Oregon Health Authority had originally said it would make March 31st the day for masks to be optional in schools, however, based upon their 'evidence' they have chosen March 19th as the day when mandatory masks will vanish.

Gov. Brown also issued the statement saying the dropping rates, rapid decreases from Omicron cases prompted the emergency conditions to end.

 No word on when Washington state will do so

While masks in WA state will be going away (non-mandatory) on March 21st, Gov. Inslee has given no date or idea of a date when our state of emergency will end.

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Many legislators and GOP officials believe Inslee is hesitant, because once the state of emergency is officially over, there go his emergency powers.


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