Saying the state has made significant strides, Gov. Inslee still said Wednesday afternoon that Stay at Home will remain following May 4.  He opened the press conference with a mask on, but then took it off.

He said the state has made "more 1st steps towards recovery.' Inslee also said  "we don't want to go through this again,"  and he would rather do it once 100% rather than again later.

The conference began on a glimmer of hope, but then it quickly disintegrated into more of previous conferences, where lecturing and ambiguity and uncertainty came from the Governor.

Perhaps the most telling documents he shared (among five total somewhat confusing charts) was what's called the Reproductive Rate for King County.  It shows for every one COVID victim, how many others got sick. That rate was 4-1 recently. Now it's dropped a bit. But this model is only available to track data from KING COUNTY, not the rest of the state. So, he's basing a lot of policies upon one county.

Inslee hammered again, the continued social distancing needs to continue.  He showed another "bucket of data,"  from which he strongly insinuated that testing has to be at the levels he wants before widespread businesses will re open.  He has not, and did not today, say testing 'everyone' is mandatory before a full scale re open occurs, but for several weeks now including today, it certainly sounds like that.

He also laid out his Test and Track plan, his 1,500 person 'fire brigade' who would respond to people who think they have COVID symptoms.

He also had mentioned at the top of the event about possible non-essential surgeries, but it was not discussed the rest of the way in the conference.

Inslee said there is no "one" number to "hang our hat on" when it comes to re-opening. Reportedly Friday, details will be coming about phases of re-opening.

He also said we cannot depend upon the anti-body test to allow re opening, meaning if people test having immunity they won't get COVID. He said to abandon social distancing and his plan, would be deadly.

He also addressed the Tyson plant near Wallula which is closed for now, the Feds have been urging them to remain open so avoid serious shortages across the country. Inslee said his staff have not assessed that situation completely yet.

To watch the conference for yourself, there's a LOT do take in, click on the button below.

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