First of all one must admit the school district made sense by bumping up the Kamiakin High School renovations weeks early.

Part of one of the largest bonds in KSD history, 12 classrooms, a brand new track, field turf football-soccer surface and other amenities will be added.

All indications were the project would be following the end of the school year, because the school hosts numerous high school and middle school track meets and competitors train right up to the end of the year for the state meet.

But with COVID closings, apparently the schedule was bumped up. We know because we, like hundreds of other people scattered throughout the day, use it for walking and jogging. (yes people practice distancing). The nearest school with a track is Chinook Middle School, several miles south up by Southridge.

Equipment suddenly began to arrive Monday, including a large caterpillar 'pavement ripper.'  Then suddenly Tuesday afternoon, construction zone fencing went up around the track and tennis courts and access is no longer allowed. No advance signage was posted.

We watched, in the brief time we were there Tuesday evening and saw the fencing, as at least 15-20 different persons or couples-drove up. They looked around, realized it's closed, and sadly drove away.

A search of the KSD website didn't show any announcements or mentions of the facility closing, at least as far as we could tell. It just said "spring 2020" but presumed after school was done --regular school, for the previously mentioned reasons.

it does make sense to bump it up, but given the COVID situation it's disappointing for hundreds of area citizens who depending upon their walks and jogging at the track. And judging from the reaction of the people we saw there Tuesday evening, it's only adding to their frustration from an already difficult situation.


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