We had a hunch we had seen this home before, and we have.

Members of the Kennewick Police Department's CAT (Criminal Apprehension Team) were acting on a tip and following up on a stolen car report. Their investigation led them to a home that's seen police and activity before, in the 600 block of South Hawthorne st.

Upon arrival, police detained 13 people, and a search led to the discovery meth, heroin and drug paraphernalia was found. They also arrested 28-year-old Melissa S. Bretz, 24-year-old Robert E. Grigsby and 60(!)-year-old Gregg W. Hanson on a variety of warrants. Hanson wanted by the Department of Corrections.

This home has been the subject of at least two other police activities, drug related, in December of last year, and March 2017.

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