There are always exceptions to every 'rule ' or stat, but this is surprising.

A New Census Bureau study shows adult kids stay close to home

A new study released by the US Census Bureau and Havard University shows that young adults, (at least 26 and up) tend to not go that far when they move out.

The study shows that 60 percent of these adults end up living within ten miles of their childhood home, while 80 percent live within 100 miles of their hometown.

The study explores what these experts call migration patterns. The Census Bureau is always studying how people move around, such as recent shifts of people from blue to red states for economic and often political reasons.

   Study shows even economic opportunity doesn't move the needle

The Census-Harvard study shows that even the promise of economic opportunity (high or higher-paying jobs) and greater prosperity does not necessarily influence these younger persons to move far away.

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While the study doesn't say why this occurs, some experts believe it's a good sign of economic opportunity or strong economies near their original homes for these adults.

Why move 1,500 miles when they can find a good job close to home?  The study also says these migration patterns also differ when it comes to ethnic groups, such as whites, blacks, Hispanics, and asians.

Well, as long as they're not camping in your basement, it is nice to have the kids closer to home...easier to visit!


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