This won't sit well with Hawk fans, but hard facts appear to support the widespread theory that many Seattle Seahawks fans are 'johnny-come-lately's.'

According to 24/7 Sports - a service of,  an annual survey of NFL franchise fan bases show the biggest jump in participation-loyalty has occurred in Seattle over the last year.

Each year,  24/7 Sports publishes the results of a survey showing the amount of participation by a city's fan base.  The 2014 survey used by 24/7 Sports was conducted by Neilsen Scarbury.

The survey measured the number of fans in each NFL city who either attend home games,  watch their home team on TV or listen to the games on radio.   According to 24/7 Sports:

"According to the study, the Green Bay Packers boast the country's most interested fans in terms of gametime viewership. 84 percent of adults in the Green Bay market have either attended, watched or listened to a Packers game in the last year. That's the greatest market share percentage in the league by a long shot, with New Orleans' viewership second at 78 percent. The Packers have been in the number one spot since 2011."

The Saints, Steelers, Broncos, Ravens were next, followed by Seattle.    KC, Buffalo, The Bengals, Patriots and Colts finished out the top ten.  Last year, Seattle was tied for 17th.

The survey supports the Hawks "Bandwagon" theory for the following reasons:

That growth counts as the largest jump of any NFL team according to the Nielsen Scarborough analysis. The Seahawks’ success on the field is a large part of that surge; however, such growth is particularly noteworthy since NFL teams rarely rise up the rankings to such an extent, regardless of an increase in performance. NFL teams, by and large, tend to be pretty consistent in these rankings each survey.

Of course, there are small, occasional fluctuations due to the success of a team - especially how far they get into the post season.   But 24/7 Sports shows that despite their Super Bowl run,  in 2013 only 44% of the Seattle area market was actively engaged, based upon the above criteria.    Seattle's 27% jump into the top ten clearly shows a ton of new fans - hence,  giving concrete statistical proof that they lead the NFL in bandwagon fans.

Whether or not they stay will be probably be based upon if the team remains a playoff contender.   We've seen franchises rise and fall rapidly, witness the 8-8 collapse of the 49'ers this season.

So, while many Hawk fans deny it,  the facts prove - at least from attending, watching or listening to games -  the Bandwagon theory is correct.


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