College Place and other police continue the search for a man who was last seen in that town on December 15th.

20-year-old Arcane Wilkinson, known also as "AJ", was last seen in College Place either December 15th or 16th.  Friends and relatives say he has been missing ever since, and it is not like him to vanish this way. They also say it's unusual for him to not communicate with them or to have left behind the personal items that he did. No one has seen any  trace of him since that weekend.

Police did say the evidence points to his disappearance as "suspicious."

Officials say initial efforts to ping or locate his cellphone came back to an area in Umatilla County just over the border. However, more recent pings show the phone is either turned off or no longer working. Police didn't say if the area indicated by the first pings has been searched. No word on whether he owned a vehicle or any he may have been driving or using.

Wilkinson has lived in mostly in WA and OR but also has ties to Louisiana. Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-394-8550.


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