Usually when a suspect goes to all the trouble to smash in a door, window, or work hard to get into a business, they are after something substantial. Apparently not in this case.

Tuesday morning, just after midnight, a tripped alarm sent police speeding to the Dollar Tree store in the 3000 block of West Kennewick Ave.

Upon arrival they found the suspect had violently smashed open the front door, but made off with only a large amount of candy, which they dropped as they left.  It created enough of a 'sweet tooth' trail that led police towards where the suspect was seen walking. There was no apparent attempt to break into the registers or find cash!

26-year-old Michael Snyder was seen, was contacted and arrested. His wearing a mask and pockets full of merchandise were kind of a dead giveaway. He's now in the Benton County jail facing multiple charges, and he gets no candy!


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