Driver on Cellphone Rear-Ends Other Car, Destroys Both
Benton County Sheriff's present a textbook case of distracted driving, with this accident that occurred around 10am Friday morning.
Deputies responded to the intersection of Gap and Johnson Roads, just Northwest of Prosser, and found a woman had slammed into the back of another vehicle at the fo…
Drunk Party-goer Plows over Mailbox Right in Front of Deputy
Benton County Sheriff's were 'chasing' Halloween party goers early Sunday morning, after getting reports of an extremely large (and presumably loud) Halloween party in the 6000 block of West Yellowstone in Kennewick.
Around 2:15am, Deputies arrived, and guests began scattering in all d…
It's Fall, Drive Careful in Tri City Fog-- Pasco Crash Hurts 4
It's that time of year, when October-into-November brings late night and early morning fog to the Columbia Basin. It also means drive very carefully, and turn on your lights!
Pasco Police assisted with a serious car vs. semi crash early Friday morning on the Pasco-Kahlotus Highway near Venture R…
Driver Who Smashed Other Car, Fence, Surrenders to Police
It took a few days, but likely the heat from social media helped him decide to surrender.
A reckless driving suspect in Walla Walla has turned himself into authorities, 3 days after this picture was posted on the web.
19-year-old Aleksander Kohmenko sped away from a police officer who was wanted to co…
What Are THE Most Annoying New Car Tech Features?
We see glitzy trendy car ads on TV, where the drivers appear to effortlessly utilize the technology they come with. Hands-free this, digital that etc.
But according to a new study published in Forbes Magazine and also released by PEMCO Insurance, many Americans have had it up to HERE with new car tec…
Cops Share Hilarious Video to Make Point about Distracted Driving
Walla Walla County Sheriff's office posted this video on their Facebook page. Sure it's hilarious, showing people so caught up in their phones and digital devices that they walk into ponds, poles and more.
But the Sheriff's department urged people to imagine this behavior behind the wheel, and imagin…
Which Age Group Has The Most Driving Fatalities?
According to a recent survey published in Salon.com, drivers between the ages of 20-29 suffer the most fatal crashes in the U.S. when behind the wheel. That's not a huge surprise, but it's far higher than drivers aged 16-20.
The survey, compiled from crash data  via the Centers for Disease Control an…
Drunk Driver Ends Up Tooling Down Railroad Tracks
Early Monday morning, Kennewick police found a driver who was not only confused, but alcohol played a part in him ending up driving on railroad tracks near downtown.
Police were called to the area near Canal Drive and Benton Streets, and found this car about 100 feet east of the intersection...

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