Unattended Running Car Law Says Nothing About Remote Starters
There's been some discussion lately on social media after the Prosser Police Department, and others, have posted reminders about the state law that reportedly forbids a motorist from leaving their car running with nobody inside.
Well, there is a statute on the state books that spells it out...
Appeals Court: Cities, Counties CAN Enact Own Pot Bans in WA
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Tuesday a three-judge state appeals court has ruled that his non-binding opinion on cities and counties enacting own bans is legal and it stands.
When I-502 passed, creating the legal pot business, several cities and counties where it was soundly de…
Guess Which WA, OR Counties Are Considered "Uncooperative" By ICE
ICE, or Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, has a new list of detainer information from October. These documents are used to track known illegals, many with criminal backrounds, records, or actual crimes. However, many counties in the U.S. either refuse to detain known suspects when requested by I…
Petition Started to Re-Write Distracted Driving Law
Last Sunday,  July 23rd, the new Driving Under the Influence of Electronics law went into effect. But as people read it, a lot more is being uncovered. It now appears it's the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics, Coffee, Beverages, Food, Blinking--Lord knows what else.

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