After the retirement of former Chief Bob Metzger, and a five month search, Pasco didn't look far to find it's new Chief of Police, and he was sworn in Monday evening.

Ken Roske, who's been with the Department for 33 years, officially takes over as top cop in Pasco this week. Roske began service in 1986 as a patrolman, K-9 officer and part of the gang suppression units after time in traffic.

City officials wanted someone who had already shown an ability to lead the department while also working well with city officials and government, and felt Roske had proven that for years.

Roske is credited with being the leader of the effort to rebuild trust in the community after the Antonio Zambrano fatal shooting, and he is credited with spearheading the nationally known social media campaign in the department. Pasco Police are famous for their in depth and often hilarious but hard-hitting Facebook posts. Officials say it's been a great tool in connecting with the community, and actually building a large group of citizen 'watchdogs' who support and help officers.

Roske served as 2nd in command for the department over the last 2 years as well.

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