Either someone was dumb for storing fireworks in a wrecking yard, or the two guys taking target practice were really bad shots!

Fire crews and authorities in Belfair near Seattle had to clear through debris at a wrecking yard to get to a storage container that exploded after being hit by two men target shooting. The two unidentified men shot the storage unit with several bullets; the only problem - it was full of commercial grade fireworks!

The ensuing explosion set off a number of mortar shells and other pyrotechnics that triggered other fires in the wrecking yard. The Belfair Fire Station is not far from the wrecking yard and fire fighters actually felt the vibrations from the initial explosions. Fortunately no one was injured and the two shooters are said to be cooperating with authorities. The ATF is investigating. Officials did not say why the fireworks were in the wrecking yard or how they got there. View more on this from KING5 TV in Seattle:

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