Adams County Sheriff's Deputies have released details about a Wednesday afternoon incident involving a  teen dirt bike rider, that narrowly missed causing numerous accidents.

An off-duty Deputy was headed south on Broadway through Othello in his own vehicle, when a teen riding the dirt bike pictured came roaring out from a side road. The rider lifted the front wheel, and while doing an extended 'wheelie,' passed several other cars.

The Deputy could clearly see the bike was off road, and had no plates lights or other street equipment. The Deputy radioed in to other officers while following the suspect. The rider sped through town towards Highway 24, causing numerous other vehicles to have to slam on their brakes, or take excessive maneuvers to avoid a collision.

The rider pulled over near Atkinson Road, about 3 miles south of town, and the off-duty officer stopped. He told him he was a Deputy, and others were on the way, and he better stay put.

He didn't. He sped off, alternating travel on roadways and canal roads to get away. However, he was identified, and Deputies went to his home and were waiting for him.

When the teen was arrested last month for reckless driving on a street cycle, he was let off with a warning and probation--first offense. This time, however, he's been lodged in the Adams County Juvenile hall facing formal charges, and his bike and all related equipment has been seized and impounded before he hurts anyone else.

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