While there have been some credible threats made to schools in our area, and others, sad to say far more 'fake' or false threats have been made as well. And, they're increasing.

We told you about the Park Middle School students who were emergency expelled in Kennewick for writing threats on a bathroom wall, they told police they 'thought it was funny.'  A joke.  Well, it's not. Several other threats have been made in the region, with students confessing they were 'joking.'

The following is a thread from a Facebook page called "Taking Back our Little Town of M-F"  or Milton-Freewater.  We have withheld the identity of the student, but she is a student at that school. This was posted Friday morning. Authorities allowed students to be released if they wanted, the rest were relocated, while police investigated a suspicious package that was left conspicuously on school grounds at McLaughlin High:

"...as a student from the school, this is no joking matter. In the morning we were placed on lockdown and were not aware of everything. When the lockdown happened students got scared and don’t know what to think. Many school shootings and bombs have gone off a lot in the recent events. I don’t find your joke funny.  Many things are happening with schools and as a school student THIS IS NOTHING TO JOKE OR MAKE JOKES ABOUT. It’s not funny. The possibility of a shooter and a bomb at our school is terrible..."

Police everywhere are urging parents to take the time to seriously talk with their kids about this. Reinforce to them this is NOT A joke, and those who perpetrate these incidents, if caught, will face nearly as serious charges as those who actually carry out threats.

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