HAPO Community Credit Union has taken a new step in providing banking services, by unveiling what is believed to be the first mobile ATM in the Tri-Cities and likely in all of Eastern Washington. (Image courtesy of HAPO Credit Union).

The Mobile ATM features a full-service ATM machine, plus a live teller who can perform pretty much the same functions as found inside one of their branches.  Credit Union officials say it provides them flexibility to be a part of major events such as the fair, Columbia Cup Hydro races, and other community events.

The unit has been most recently working in Sunnyside as a replacement for an onsite ATM that is out of service.

The 25-foot long truck stems from a modified SUV, with numerous safety features and other banking requirements built in.

The news about the unit was revealed in the February newsletter to HAPO members, and the unit went into service at the end of the month, beginning of March.  Officials have not said if there are plans to put additional units into service.

HAPO has 15 branches throughout southeast Washington, and serves several hundred thousand members.

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