The dog will survive with stitches. This guy might not make it through jail, though!

A Pasco man faces a variety of charges for allegedly hitting a dog in the head with a small sledgehammer Thursday morning. 32-year-old Jose Ignacio Zaragoza reportedly showed up for work at a construction job around 6 a.m. under the influence of what he later admitted was methamphetamines.

He was working out of his boss's home that day, but a foreman sent him home around 8:30 a.m. because he was acting strange. He then went and got a hammer from his truck, returned, and began swinging it at other workers and the boss. The boss's dog, Luke, charged at Zaragoza when he charged at the owner. The dog suffered eight stitches, but helped bring the attacker down.

When police arrived, the other workers were sitting on top of Zaragoza, who had by then passed out. He was found with hydrocodone pills in his pocket and admitted having used meth earlier in the day.

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