Have you ever seen anything you could not explain in the Washington State sky? Have you ever seen a dark shadow or feel something touch you when nobody was around? Maybe your not one of the lucky ones, but you are brave enough to want to be one of the lucky ones? Then these are the best places in Washington State to go if you want to see either ghosts or UFOs if your brave enough!


The website GreatLakesStakes has a list of the most supernatural cities in Washington State and it is split up by UFOs and ghosts. However, I am adjusting the numbers from "straight numbers of sightings", to "sightings by population density" so the list is more accurate. They have Seattle as the #1 city for UFO sightings because they had the highest total number of sightings, however there are many more people that live there skewing the results. I decided to recalculate the list based on your likely percentage to see each event in that city by taking the total events and divide by the total amount of people in that city for both lists.

credit Canva-Getty
credit Canva-Getty

First lets talk about UFO sightings in Washington State. Surprisingly, their #1 city for UFO sightings was Seattle, however if you take population into consideration Seattle falls to number 8 on the list. My list has Bremerton as #1 for UFOs with a .275% chance of seeing a UFO per person with Olympia at #2. There is only a .109% chance you will see a UFO in Seattle based on population which was #1 on their list. That means you are twice as likely to see a UFO in Bremerton then in Seattle. Here is my complete UFO sighting percentage list.

  1. Bremerton .275% 
  2. Olympia .236% 
  3. Bellingham .158% 
  4. Everett .147% 
  5. Auburn .140% 
  6. Spokane .135% 
  7. Yakima .134% 
  8. Seattle .109% 
  9. Tacoma .099% 
  10. Bellevue .069% 
  11. Vancouver .034% 

According to these numbers you are almost twice as likely by population to see a UFO in the top 3 cities then in Seattle. It is not a coincidence that two of the least likely cities to see UFOs have the largest populations with Seattle and Vancouver and the cities with the best chance are smaller.


Now lets talk about the best cities to see ghosts in Washington State. Once again I recalculated the numbers into a percentage to see a ghost sightings based on population density. The funny thing is the top two cities are the same top two for UFOs but in reverse order. The #1 city for ghost sightings in Washington State is Olympia with a .055% chance. The #2 city is Bremerton with a .041% chance of spotting a ghost. Here is my complete list based on population.

  1. Olympia .055% 
  2. Bremerton .041% 
  3. Yakima .034% 
  4. Spokane .022% 
  5. Bellingham .020% 
  6. Auburn .016% 
  7. Everett .011% 
  8. Tacoma .006% 
  9. Bellevue .004% 
  10. Vancouver .003% 
  11. Seattle .001% 

So what did I learn from recalculating the numbers on their list? The best two spots and the worst two spots are the same on both lists. The best two cities to see both UFOs and ghosts are Bremerton and Olympia which are almost the smallest cities on the list. The worst places to see UFOs and ghosts are the two biggest cities, Seattle and Vancouver. I also found that UFOs are much more likely to be seen then ghosts in Washington State.

Happy hunting!

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