You would think if a criminal goes to all the trouble to break into a vehicle, search for and steal a debit card, they might buy something fairly substantial. But then again the lack of intelligence in the criminal mind never amazes us.

Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers and Kennewick police are searching for this man and woman, wanted in connection with a car prowl and theft.

Police say the woman, likely from Kennewick because they are handling the case, had her debit card stolen from her vehicle Monday. Then police released this picture of the suspects using the card to buy donuts at a Richland Circle K.

The card was being tracked, and a hit registered at the convenience store with it's use. Regardless if the item purchased is $2.00 or $2,000, it's a felony to use a stolen credit or debit card-let alone stealing one.

Anyone with any information about these two is asked to call Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at (509)-586-TIPS.