Usually when you see somebody slumped over the wheel of their car, it's not a good thing. This guy found that out, but NOT for health reasons.

Police didn't elaborate why this guy was there, but now he's in jail.  30-year-old Raymond Skruch was found draped over the steering wheel of his car around 5:30am Sunday morning in the 4700 block of Metaline, the Kamiakin Apartments.

They're near the corner of Metaline and Arthur. Somebody had seen him slumped over the wheel, and called police for a welfare check.

Turns out he was apparently OK (still don't know why he was passed out) but police found out he was banned from the apartment grounds two weeks ago.

He's was taken to jail and charged with Criminal Trespass in the 2nd Degree. Police didn't say why he was banned (or trespassed) from the grounds in the first place.

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