When a suspect flees from a traffic stop, it's usually because they're wanted, or have no valid license, are involved in shady activities, or other issues. But what they leave behind can be surprising.

Very early Monday morning, around 12:03AM, Hermiston police reported after pulling over a driver for a traffic violation the person fled on foot and got away. They left behind their vehicle, a 1992 Ford Explorer.

But when police began to examine and 'inventory' the vehicle, inside on the floorboards they found a shocker:  a hand grenade. Police did not say if they think it was 'live' but it was quickly turned over to the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad for examination. It appears to be a 'current' model, not one from years ago.

Inside the vehicle officers also found scales and packaging materials, usually signs of drug related activity, as well as a cellphone. No word on a description of the driver. But the hand grenade take this to a whole different level.

It's expected the ATF and other related Federal agencies will be a part of the investigation very soon. Officials say by Wednesday or Thursday afternoon they expect a full report on the age of the weapon and if it was actually capable of exploding when the pin is pulled.

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