Lewiston, Idaho Police report a Tri-City couple are in the Nez Pierce County jail facing a variety of theft charges related to catalytic converters as well as drug charges.

36 year old Kennewick, WA. resident, Kyle L. Maplethorpe, and 29 year old, Nicolle C. Sutherland of Richland, WA were arrested after an investigation.

On August 23rd, Police responded to a business called Luper Automotive for a report of the theft of a converter from a transit bus. Using surveillance images, they were able to get a good picture of the suspect vehicle as well as it's out of area plates.

The parts taken were worth in excess of $2100. Police later in the day were able to locate the vehicle around 7 PM. The 2020 Kia had New York plates, and Maplethorpe and Sutherland were inside. They were ID'd as the theft suspects.

Because they were staying in a local motel, they were allowed to go free, but without their vehicle.

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Then according to Lewiston Police:

"A search warrant was written and granted by a Nez Perce County Magistrate. There were tools and evidence gathered inside the vehicle supporting the theft of catalytic converters. Four catalytic converters were found during the search of the vehicle. Officers also recovered 200 fentanyl pills inside the vehicle. These pills matched the description of the “Mexican Oxy, Blues, Blueberry” pills that the Nez Perce Tribe recently released as a “Public Threat Crisis” in a recent statement."

A search of their hotel room was conducted, and more drugs including heroin, more pills and meth.

A third passenger was also inside the car, but Police didn't say if they were detained.


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