The Washington State Attorney General announced Tuesday the completion of an investigation and actions against ten companies across the state. It began in 2016.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson said the 'sweep' was investigating illegal discrimination against veterans over the VASH program. VASH stands for Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing.

According to Ferguson, these companies were illegally refusing to honor housing vouchers from the VASH program, by improperly rejecting them. The program assists vets with housing costs, those who use the program have been diagnosed with a physical disability, psychological issue, or others that make it difficult to obtain work or funds to help with housing. The program mostly works with significantly disabled vets.

Eight of the ten companies have entered into an agreement with the state to now honor these VASH vouchers. One of the companies listed was in Benton County, Celski & Associates in Kennewick. Another was in Walla Walla, Welcome Home Properties LLC. Both are part of the 8 who entered into the agreement.

Two of the companies however, one from Utah and Colorado, have refused to enter into the agreement. VASH vouchers are to be considered payment to help with housing. Ferguson says those two companies will likely the the subject of legal action soon.


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