Nearly 7 months after he was tracked down and apprehended by Richland police, the owner of a private Tri-City photography business could possibly be facing life in prison.

Monday in Benton County Superior Court, 29-year-old Sean Michael Challe plead guilty to three counts of first-degree child molestation, and one count of first-degree child rape.

Last September Challe was arrested after he and his girlfriend had been at a friends house drinking with the parents of a young girl. The parents had found him in the bedroom of the young girl.  He was kicked out by the parents, and later arrested by Richland police.

An investigation was launched into his activities, and authorities found naked pictures of boys and girls in bathrooms, and photographic negatives of partially undressed children. Challe also allegedly kept a collection of pictures of the first victim from when she was a baby.

While he could face at least 26 1/2 years in prison, he could get life, because each of the charges he plead to carry a maximum life term.  Sentencing is scheduled for July, his fate will be up to a state review board.

A recent check of his photography website still shows Sean Challe Photography, but the contact and other information links have been disabled, and his Shutterstock profile is also disabled.