Inspired by the viral Trump Hillary for Prison Bobblehead, a group of Donald Trump supporters grabbed people's attention Friday in Kennewick.

We're not sure how long they were there, but between 12:30 and 1pm we saw the group at the corner of Clearwater and Columbia Center Boulevard by the Flashcube building. They were waving signs, waving and smiling at cars, and one of the supporters was adorned in a prison style jumpsuit, complete with a Hillary Clinton mask.

That outfit was inspired by the viral Hillary for Prison bobblehead, which has been selling like crazy on places like  The bobblehead infuriated Clinton, who demanded it be taken off the market. Even got in on the fun. These supporters were met with lots of honks, waves, smiles and thumbs up, at least while we were there.

Trump supporter dressed in Hillary for Prison jumpsuit (Townsquare Media)