If there's a major terrorist event at an airport, don't depend on the TSA to save your butt!

According to an investigation done by the Washington Times, Homeland Security has recently been giving special training to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners in the event of mass shootings, terrorist attacks or other life-threatening events.

According to several anonymous TSA workers involved in the investigation, Homeland Security is advising these workers to "save themselves" in case such an event occurs!  While TSA workers do not technically provide that kind of security or protection services in airports, you would expect the people who screen every square inch of you and your luggage to at least have some sense of responsibility towards passengers!

One of the TSA screeners said the new checkpoint training was rather disturbing. From the Washington Times article dated Jan. 26:

The TSA screener who claims to have recently undergone agency training during which TSA personnel were confronted with a chilling checkpoint shooting scenario, now tries to remain aware of how to get out alive were such a shooting to unfold.

'Every day when I arrive for work, I look for an escape route in case someone opens fire,” said the TSA worker. “We have been told to save ourselves.'

The other big question being raised by this new instruction is, does the TSA have any information about potential attacks at checkpoints in our airports? It was unclear to the TSA workers if this was simply enhanced training to prepare them for any and every scenario, or if Homeland Security has detected a potential threat and is preparing their staff to handle it or get safely out of the way.

There has been some discussion about possibly arming TSA workers, but given the number of them who've been fired or prosecuted for crimes like smuggling, theft and assault, that prospect is not likely. Most opinion polls show American travelers would just as soon do away with the TSA and have airport security performed by a private entity.

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