Recently, the TRIOS Hospital District announced some budgetary cutbacks and staff eliminations designed to help the Hospital make its $800,000 monthly lease payment.

After a levy failed to pass that would have funded the facility at Southridge, the board chose to go ahead with construction, and then lease the facility from the builders.

Due to a variety of reasons, some of which officials say are being fixed, decreased revenues have put strains on the hospital budget. While revenues are expected to increase, and billing systems will catch up, there are still steps needed to provide relief, according to the board.

Wednesday, TRIOS released a statement clarifying what positions were cut:

36 Trios Health employees were affected as part of the operational improvement plan outlined at the Feb. 26 board meeting by CEO Glen Marshall. The majority of the staff positions eliminated were managers, administrative support, and clerical positions within the two hospitals and Trios Medical Group. 14 management positions were eliminated, 9 support/clerical positions in the hospital were eliminated, and 13 positions were impacted by inpatient and outpatient service-line changes."

Also, the Medical Pediatrics Department will be moved to TRIOS hospital and the displaced employees will apply for open positions at the Southridge campus. Therapy Services will no longer be offered at Vista Field starting March 13 and will be offered in Southridge March 16. Psychiatry outpatient service has been discontinued.

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