Less than two weeks after the United States Postal Service announced they were moving mail processing from Yakima to Pasco,  USPS officials revealed they are considering moving the processing from Pasco to Spokane.

According to studies performed by the USPS,  initially it appears there could be savings from consolidating Pasco's service into Spokane's.  And, according to the USPS, the facilities in Spokane could absorb the additional load.   The same conclusion was reached when it was announced that Yakima would be consolidated into Pasco's facility; but now that could all change.  The Yakima change reportedly would affect 19 jobs, but no word was given by the USPS how many jobs would be impacted if Pasco's mail processing is moved up north.   A public meeting will be held November 29th at the Pasco Red Lion at 6pm to gather public input.   If it decided to move Pasco's load to Spokane, the plans to move Yakima's processing here would be scrapped.  Mail for Yakima and Pasco would then be sent to Spokane.  These efforts are part of a complete re-evaluation of all Mail Processing Centers and Post Offices as the USPS tries to trim billions in defecits.