A man who's been treated for meth-induced mental illness, and has a multiple felony criminal record, was released by Portland officials because they are a sanctuary city and won't assist or honor ICE activities.

The city's decision to declare itself a 'sanctuary' in March could backfire big time, according to Fox News and other sources. In the story that's grabbed national headlines, 31-year-old Sergio Jose Martinez is accused of assaulting a woman in a parking garage with a knife. She kicked him in the stomach and when she pushed the panic button on her car, he fled.

He's now accused of crawling through an open window of a Portland woman's home. He used socks and scarves to tie and blindfold her, then sexually assaulted her. He also slammed her head against a hardwood floor. Martinez then stole her cellphone, credit cards and car. She was able to free herself and call 911. The 65-year-old woman survived, but was injured.

Fox News and Fox 12 News in Portland are now reporting Martinez has been deported at least 20 times. He was captured again in December 2016, and was slated to be released despite previous probation violations for illegal entry to the U.S. and drug charges.  ICE asked Portland authorities recently to inform them when he was released, but they refused. Martinez was released to the general public and ICE was not informed.

All Oregon law enforcement, including Portland, are forbidden from assisting or honoring ICE or other federal mandates when it comes to immigration. Had ICE been notified, it's likely he would have been in custody to be deported and would not have committed these two crimes.

Unconfirmed sources now say the family of the 65-year-old are considering legal action against the city for knowingly and willingly releasing a known criminal and threat to the population.

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