Already a controversial figure for his non-stop stream of lawsuits vs. President Trump, and other politically charged decisions, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson could be in hot water over allegedly soliciting campaign funds using his governmental position and email account.

Dori Monson, veteran talk show host and reporter on KIRO Radio Seattle says he received a disturbing email from a Shoreline School District teacher. It was on their official governmental-school district account, and it was from AG Ferguson via HIS official email account. Here's what it said:

"August is a difficult month for fundraising. Despite that, I asked our team to set an ambitious goal this month of 1,000 contributions by the end of August … This election is far too important to be determined by dark money groups, so we’re fighting back with the combined grassroots strength of Washingtonians in all 39 counties across the state. But if we’re going to keep special interests from buying the Washington attorney general’s office, we need your support right now."

There's nothing wrong with a candidate or incumbent raising funds, but it's ILLEGAL for an official to use any part of their position or authority to influence or further their efforts. Monson says people could complain to the AG's office but where would that get them? She does on to say that with Inslee running for another term, Ferguson is virtual shoe-in.

Other less flattering critics say Ferguson is Inslee's 'lap-dog' who walks in step with everything the governor does.

Monson, who's been on the air for over 25 years, had this to say about our Attorney General:

"Bob Ferguson does not rule by the law. He does not rule by the Washington State Constitution. He rules by politics and social justice agendas. He is the most dangerous politician I have ever seen in my quarter-century on the air."

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