This week WA State Attorney General Rob McKenna announced his bid to become the Governor of Washington.  He is seeking to become the first from the GOP since John Spellman 26 years ago.

McKenna, a former honors law student at UW, became attorney general in 2004.  He has since made  a name for himself  by addressing such issues as internet and identify fraud, and child pornography.  He also spearheaded an effective drive to attack the methamphetamine epidemic that a few years ago was rampant in WA.  The campaign was effective, as the number of meth labs have dropped considerably, now most of the drug is smuggled into the state. New programs have been developed to attack the import of the drug.  Most recently, McKenna stirred up controversy by adding Washington state to the list of 26 states that are currently challenging the legality of Obamacare in court.  At this time current Governor Christine Gregoire has not officially declared if she will seek a third term.  If she does not, most political experts believe the Democrats will urge Representative Jay Inslee to seek their party's nomination.  He is considered by many to be a 'conservative' leaning Democrat, who is not known for towing the party line, and does not have previous 'liberal baggage' as did Gregoire, who made her name as Attorney General for leading the way on the controversial Tobacco Lawsuit  from 1997.   Many conservative political observers believe the Tobacco Lawsuit marked the beginning of what is now viewed as "big brother" government (as exampled by the health care bill that would 'force' citizens to purchase medical insurance under threat of penalty from the IRS).