The Trump Administration says the $89 million dollars being diverted from some 127 Defense Department Projects will only delay them from being completed, but Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson sees another chance to file a lawsuit against the Trump Administration. The money is to be used to build  the border wall with Mexico.

Some of the money is being taken from the Seawolf fast attack submarine project at the Bangor Naval station in Washington state.  Critics claim they're cuts, the Administration and Pentagon say they are delays.

Nonetheless,  Ferguson plans to announce a lawsuit Thursday, challenging the plan. The reason for the diversion of funds, say Administration officials, is because of Democratic opposition that has kept money being appropriated for building a wall on the Mexican border.

The $89 million fund diversion is with the blessing of the Pentagon. Because the diversion does affect a military operation in Washington state, one could perhaps understand some legal action. But Ferguson has filed so many lawsuits against the Trump Administration (and none against Obama when he was President) that his accusations, say critics, are starting to sound like the boy who cried wolf.

Others say his political partisanship is clearly showing, still others describe him as Gov. Inslee's 'lapdog.'

Ferguson's partisanship against Trump shows because not long ago he  sued the Navy over planned expansion of the Growler Jet Program on Whidbey Island, citing alleged environmental concerns. Now, he's suing in favor of the Sub program.

The Growler program would have added numerous jobs and boosted the area economy, but Ferguson opposed it.

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