It would have been 25% of their entire annual fundraising goal, but officials said it was an easy decision to make.

Officials with the Western Washington Region of the Girl Scouts of America have rejected a $100K donation from a benefactor because the anonymous donor requested the money not be spent to help transgender girls.

The donor, said Girl Scout officials, was likely responding to the Caitlyn Jenner issue. Former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner has officially changed from a man to a woman, and has been a hot-button issue across the country.

The donor specifically asked the money not be used to support "transgender girls," also presumably those who had not made the switch but were openly pursuing this life path.

Girl Scout officials said it was easy because according to Spokesperson Stephanie Ellis, their policy is when the talk about helping "all girls, it means all girls."

The scouting regional headquarters was reportedly flooded with messages of support from the LGBT community, and a Go-Fund-Me online account was created. According to officials, it surpassed slightly the amount of money they lost by turning down the donation.

No information was released about who the donor was, or where they are from.


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