Now that recreational marijuana is legal the state legislature is finding more holes than a spaghetti strainer.

The law legalized pot possession in small amounts for those those 21 years and older. According to the pro-legalizaiton website, Olympia is reviewing several bills including:

  • Senate Bill 5029 Would establish a public bank that would allow for the handling of money gathered from marijuana-related processing and sales. Under federal law ANY handling, transfer or deposit of drug-related money is considered a felony. Currently, medical marijuana dispensaries have to work on a cash-only basis to avoid prosecution.

SB 5437 creates a marijuana DUI for boaters. Apparently I-502 did not address boating under the influence of pot!

SB 5010 would make it illegal for persons on probation to possess or consume pot.

SB 5279 will outlaw buying marijuana with food stamps!

House Bill 1482 sets a zero-tolerance pot use policy for commercial drivers.

HB 1789 applies a 25 percent excise tax to marijuana sold in medical dispensaries.