Despite over 130 drivers being nailed for driving while high, marijuana DUI cases have not gone up.According to the Washington State Toxicologist Fiona Couper, the number of marijuana DUI cases have not spiked, but cautions that the law has just taken effect. 

New standards were set for driving under the influence of pot: 5 nanograms of active THC per milliliter of blood. THC is the ingredient in marijuana that produces its effects.

However, while Couper says the number of cases has not spiked, the state is only going off data from December. The new marijuana law allowing persons 21 or older to possess or consume one ounce or less of the drug went into effect Dec. 6.

The State Lab has NOT processed any cases from January. So while December did not show a post-legalization spike, we could see different results later.

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