So far, 46 cases in Oregon and 74 in Washington state have been referred to county prosecutors, for possible charges.

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson reports 46 cases were found during regular inspections of election records and follow up from the 2016 election cycle. These people, Richardson said Friday, were found to have voted in Oregon and at least one other state.

WA Secretary of State Kim Wyman said 74 such cases in Washington were found, four between Benton and Franklin counties.

Richardson said no elections were affected in Oregon, and it amounted to about 1 out of every 38,000 votes cast.  The 74 Washington cases were out of some 3.6 million votes cast. No elections were affected here either.

However, officials still plan to prosecute if necessary and possible, the people who cross voted...meaning they voted here and in another state or out of their registered jurisdiction.

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